I love Kingdom Rush, so I built a syntax for transcribing games, an animator to efficiently show a game plan, and an AI Scanner to transcribe my games from video recordings.

Map Names, Gold, Restrictions

Restrictions: ‘u’ and Upgrade Level; absent if Upgrade Level 5 allowed (everything). ‘H’ for no heroes. No: ‘R’angers, ‘P’aladins, ‘S’orcerers, ‘T’eslas.

L1Southport265170265u1, H, R, S
L2The Outskirts220250220u2, H, P
L3Pagras300310510u2, H, T
L4Twin River Pass5206001,200u2, H, S, T
L5Silveroak Forest7001,0001,500u3, H, P
L6The Citadel7001,200800u3, H, R, S, T
L7Coldstep Mines7001,0001,200u3, H, P, T
L8Icewind Pass8001,1001,200u4, H, R, S
L9Stormcloud Temple8002,0002,400u4, H, R, P, T
L10The Wastes8001,8002,200u4, T
L11Forsaken Valley1,3002,1002,600R, T
L12The Dark Tower1,3001,6002,800T
L13Sarelgaz’s Lair8001,4001,400S, T
L14Ruins of Acaroth6002,0001,600R, P
L15Rotten Forest8001,000800R, T
L16Hushwood5001,2501,300R, S
L17Bandit’s Lair8001,5001,800S, T
L18Glacial Heights6001,5001,800R, S
L19Ha’Kraj Plateau1,0001,9002,200P, S
L20Pit of Fire1,2001,9002,700S
L22Fungal Forest1,0001,7003,500R, T
L23Rotwick7501,450500P, T
L24Ancient Necropolis9001,1002,700R, S
L25Nightfang Swale1,1001,5001,500R, P
L26Castle Blackburn1,2501,1001,620R, T