DOSBox on Steam Deck

I was delighted to play some of my old DOS favorites on my Steam Deck, but quickly ran into a number of problems with the EmuDeck > RetroArch > DOSBox-Pure path. After trying the various options, I found a setup that works well and wanted to document it here.

My Wordle GoodNotes Playstyle

I enjoy playing Wordle and optimizing my play. Initially that meant choosing the best starting guesses, but I have also worked on how I play the games. I originally tried to solve the puzzles in my head, but quickly found that I play much better on paper.

Steam Deck OLED Charging

I’ve been really impressed by my new Steam Deck OLED. I was looking for some specific charging speed information online, but couldn’t find it, so I measured myself.

On Optimizing QWERTLE

Last week on Hacker News, someone announced a new Wordle variant, QWERTLE. As an avid Wordle player and optimizer, I was excited to try playing and solving this new game.

Rust vs CS DateTime Parsing

I originally wrote the C# version of this code to write a performance tuning tutorial for DateTime parsing. I came back after learning some Rust to try to compare the performance of the two languages.

My Best Wordle Guesses

I’ve seen a lot of “best first Wordle guesses” posts online, but while they may provide the most theoretical information, I had trouble using them as a human. Here are my adventures coming up with the best starting words for my own play style.

Dryer Done Notifications with Home Assistant and Iotawatt

I do the laundry in our house, and it often takes most of a day because I don’t hear the dryer finish. I set a timer on my phone, but it’s often not done when I go check on it. Today Darinee and I finally implemented a “Dryer is done” notification on my phone, so I’ll know exactly when it’s...

DIY Wireguard Setup

We recently set up Wireguard as a home VPN. It’s widely used, trusted, open source, and free, but I stumbled on a few things along the way and the documentation is sparse, so I wanted to write up what I did.

Aurora Projector Wi-Fi IR Remote

Editor’s Note: This is the first guest post from my wife, Darinee!

How to Performance Optimize Existing Code

You’ve got some existing code and you might want to make it faster. How hard is it to make it faster? How do you go about it? What tools do you need? Is it even worth doing?